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Book of Job--Table of Contents

I wrote the following essays during 2019 and the first part of 2020, with editing and preparation for this format following in 2020. This represents the fourth book or extensive study I have done on the Book of Job. The first, Trusting God Again:  Regaining Hope after Disappointment or Loss (1995), focused primarily on stories of loss told me by friends, which formed the basis for my dive into the text of Job.  Attractive artwork also adorns the pages with my co-author, Glandion Carney, being the "model" for the drawings. The tone of the book was upbeat, even though Job had experienced devastating loss. Our hope was that by understanding Job's losses, and his ultimate seeing of God in a new way  in Job 42, we would be provided encouragement to do the same.

My approach to Job changed a bit in my next book on the subject (A Hard-Fought Hope: Journeying with Job Through Mystery (2005), also written with Glandion Carney. Between the publication of Trusting God Again and A Hard-Fought Hope I attended law school and then became a litigation attorney and law professor. This background was reflected in A Hard-Fought Hope, as I presented the basic problem of the Book of Job as a lawsuit filed by Job against God.  Using my law firm's template for filing a lawsuit, I had Job "sue" God. Yet my ultimate conclusion of the work was the same as in 1995:  Job ultimately "gave up" his lawsuit when he "saw God" in Job 42. The vision of God answered all his arguments.


[To be mentioned, at this point, also are two smaller books/booklets on Job I penned between 1995 and 2005. The first was for the Christian Reformed Church denomination--and was designed as a curriculum for high school students.The second was the introduction and notes on Job I wrote for the Spiritual Formation Bible (published in 2007, but my contribution was written several years previously). My presentation in that resource was of the Book of Job as a drama, with dramatis personae and various acts]

Many things happened between 2005 and 2019 that led to a re-evaluation of my understanding of this enduring classic, the Book of Job. Perhaps the primary thing was my several-year focus on regaining my Biblical Hebrew (which I began studying as a college junior at Brown University) so that I could feel comfortable reading and deciding for myself on the flow of the text, its words and its ideas. When I did so, I not only saw afresh the beauty of Job's language, but I began to focus on the actual nature of the arguments that appear in the Book of Job. When I did that, I concluded that a new approach to Job was warranted, an approach reflected in my 2020 book, When Leaving God is a Good Choice, featured on my home page.  But I also said to myself that since I am pursuing a completely new strategy with respect to Job, I needed to defend and explain that strategy through a lengthy commentary. These essays try to do that. At more than 470,000 words, these essays constitute the longest commentary on Job online. They seek never to lose the "big picture" of what is going on or being said at any moment in the argument while, at the same time, giving a close reading or minute exposition of the Hebrew text and its problems. While I don't have the linguistic breadth of some of the leading modern commentators on Job, I think that my approach to Job, as well as some exegetical insights, made the project worthwhile for me. I hope you agree!


Essay 1,  Introduction:  Job as Legal Document 

Essay 2  What This Commentary Doesn't Do

Essay 3  How the Book of Job Destabilizes Us

Essay 4  The Order and Disorder of the Book of Job

Essay 5  Job 1:1, Meeting Job

Essay 6  Job 1:2-5, Seeing Job in Action

Essay 7  Job 1:5, Job's Solicitude Towards His Children

Essay 8  Job 1:6-9. Talking Behind Job's Back, I

Essay 9  Job 1:9-12, Talking Behind Job's Back, II

Essay 10  A Statement and a Challenge

Essay 11  Why Does God Go Along with The Satan's Suggestion?

Essay 12  Job 1:13-19, Multiple Extreme Disasters

Essay 13  Looking More Closely at the Disasters

Essay 14  Job 1:20-22, Checking the Wounds 

Essay 15  Job Speaks

Essay 16  Job 2:1-6, The Screws Tighten:  Planning Phase

Essay 17  Job 2:4-6, Agreeing on a Plan

Essay 18  Job 2:7-10, The Screws Tighten: Physically and Emotionally 

Essay 19  The Ash Heap and Job's Wife

Essay 20  Job 2:11-13, When Friends Come From Afar

Essay 21  The Friends Arrive 

Essay 22  Job 3, Job's Explosion of Emotions 

Essay 23  Job 3:3-7  The Rhythms of Cursing 

Essay 24  Job 3:4, May the Day Perish, Part I

Essay 25  Job 3:5, May the Day Perish, Part II

Essay 26  Job 3:6-7, Moving to the Night

Essay 27  Job 3:8-12, Calling for Help

Essay 28  Job 3:13-19, A Reverie of Escape

Essay 29  Job 3:14-19, Whom Would Job Find When He Gets There?

Essay 30  Job 3:20-26, Returning to Reality

Essay 31  Job 4-5, Eliphaz Responds, An Overview

Essay 32 Job 4:1-6, Time to Listen, Job!

Essay 33  Job 4:4-5, An Experiment in Alternative Translation

Essay 34  Job 4:7-11, Eliphaz's "Rule" of Life

Essay 35  Eliphaz's Rabbit Trail on Various Types of Lions

Essay 36  Job 4:12=16, A Vision in the Night, Essay One

Essay 37  Job 4:14-16, Still Desribing the Vision 

Essay 38  Job 4:12-16, A Vision in the Night, Essay Two 

Essay 39  Another Rabbit Trail

Essay 40  Job 5:1-7, Life's Pain

Essay 41  Job 5:3, The Life and Death of the Fool, According to Eliphaz

Essay 42 Job 5:4, Further Details on the Fool's Destruction

Essay 43  Job 5:5-7, Fading Further From Reality

Essay 44  Job 5:8-16, Calling on God 

Essay 45  Job 5:9-11, The Nature of God Upon Whom One Should Call, Essay One

Essay 46  Job 5:12-16, The Nature of God Upon Whom One Should Call, Essay Two

Essay 47  Job 5:17-27, Better Days are Ahead

Essay 48  Job 5:17-27, A Stereotypical Hope, Uniquely Stated

Essay 49  Job 6:1-7, What Did You Expect From Me, Silence?  Job's Rejoinder

Essay 50  Job 6:5-7, A Digression 

Essay 51  Job 6:8-13, Please Crush Me, God!

Essay 52  Job 6:10-13, Desiring Death

Essay 53  Job 6:14-23, The Treachery of So-Called Friends

Essay 54  Job 6:15-17, The Uselessness of Friends

Essay 55  Job 6:18-20, Unreliability in One's Business Dealings

Essay 56  Job 6:21-23, Useless Demands Made on Job

Essay 57  Job 6:24-30, Please, Teach Me How I Have Erred In This Case!

Essay 58  Returning to Job 6:24-27

Essay 59  Job 6:28-30;  What Do You See If You Look At Me?

Essay 60  Finishing Job 6

Essay 61  Job 7:1-6, A Window into Job's Desperate Life

Essay 62  Job 7:2-6, Continuing on Life's Futility

Essay 63  Job 7:4, More on Job's Futility

Essay 64  Job 7:5-6, The Futility Continues

Essay 65  Job 7:7-10, Life as Vanishing Breath

Essay 66  Job 7:11-16, Nothing to Lose!

Essay 67  Job Emboldened

Essay 68  Job Terrorized

Essay 69  Job 7:17-21, Turning a Famous Scripture on Its Head (Psalm 8)

Essay 70  God's "Regard" of Job

Essay 71  Job's Cynicism and Anger

Essay 72  Job 7:20

Essay 73  Job 7:21

Essay 74  Job 8, Bildad Speaks

Essay 75  Looking at the Language and Argument of Job 8:2-7

Essay 76  Job 8:4, Going on the Attack

Essay 77  Job 8:5-7, Turning to Exhortation

Essay 78  Job 8:8-10, Learning from the Tradition

Essay 79  Job 8:11-19, The Reality of Judgment

Essay 80  Job 8:12, A Problematic Verse

Essay 81   Job 8:13-19, The Reality of Judgment

Essay 82  Continuing on Judgment in Job 8:14-15

Essay 83  Job 8:16-17, Descending into Obscurity

Essay 84  Job 8:17-18, Continuing with the Imagery

Essay 85  Job 8:19, Concluding the Image, with Dust

Essay 86  Job 8:20-22, Better Days are Ahead for Job

Essay 87, Job 8:21-22, Bildad's Last Words

Essay 88  Job 9, Job Responds

Essay 89  Job 9:1-12, The Torment (for Job) of God's Greatness, Introduction

Essay 90  An Interlude on Legal and Military Strategy 

Essay 91  A Word on Military Strategy and its Connection to Legal Strategy

Essay 92  Returning to Job 9:5-12, Essay One

Essay 93  Job 9:5-12, Essay Two 

Essay 94  Job 9:13-24, God's Anger and Moral Confusion

Essay 95  Job 9:15-16, Few Options Left for Job

Essay 96  Job 9:17-18, Spiraling Downward, Essay One

Essay 97  Job 9:19-20, Spiraling Downward, Essay Two

Essay 98  Job 9:22-24, God's Moral Confusion

Essay 99  Job 9:25-35, There is No Umpire!

Essay 100  Job 9:27-31, Continuing to Think About His Pain 

Essay 101  Job9:25-35, The Glint of an Idea

Essay 102  Job 10, Introductory Words

Essay 103  Job10:2-9, Questioning God

Essay 104  Job10:10-12, God's Care in Making Job

Essay 105  Job10:13-17, Job's Puzzlement

Essay 106  Job10:18-22, Fading Away

Essay 107  Job 11, Enter Zophar

Essay 108  Job 11:1-6, Less Than You Deserve

Essay 109  Job 11:4-6, Zophar Continues

Essay 110  Job 11:7-12, God is Smarter Than You, Job

Essay 111  Zophar in Job 11:10-12

Essay 112  Job 11:13-20, Hope For the Future

Essay 113  Job 11:15-17, Job's Hope

Essay 114  Job 11:18-20, Zophar's Final Words of Hope

Essay 115  Job 12-14, With Introductory Remarks on the Second Cycle of Speeches (Job 12-20)

Essay 116  Job 12:1-6, A Laughingstock, Indeed!

Essay 117  An Interlude on Job's Situation and the Uncertainty of Knowledge

Essay 118  Back to Job 12:2-4

Essay 119  Job 12:5-6, Descending Into Unclarity

Essay 120  Job 12:7-12, God is Resonsible for Everything, Including My Misery

Essay 121   Job 12:7-16, Looking at the Words

Essay 122  Job 12:13-25, Correct Theology, Miserable Life

Essay 123  Job 12:14-16, Correct Theology, Miserable Life, Continuing

Essay 124  Job 12:17-19, Judgment on Illustrious People, Essay One

Essay 125  Job 12:17-19, Judgment on Illustrious People, Essay Two

Essay 126  Job 12:20-25, Judgment on Illustrious People, Essay Three

Essay 127  Job 12, Concluding and Summarizing Remarks

Essay 128  Job 13

Essay 129  Job 13:4-12, Attacking the Friends

Essay 130  Job 13:4-12, The Attack on the Friends Continues 

Essay 131   Job 13:4-12, The Attack on the Friends, One More Essay

Essay 132  Job 13:13-28, Making His Case

Essay 133  Job 13:13-17, Making the Case, the Dangers

Essay 134  Translating Job 13:15

Essay 135  Job 13:18-19, Job's Confidence in His Future Vindication

Essay 136  Job 13:20-22, Procedural Issues

Essay 137  Job 13:13-28, Questions for God to Answer; Allegations Against God 

Essay 138  Job 13:24-28, Further Questions and Allegations

Essay 139  Job 14, The Music of Job's Grief

Essay 140  Job 14:4-6, A Growing Uncertainty and Fear

Essay 141   Job 14:7-12, Hope for a Tree

Essay 142  Job 14:10-12, But No Hope for Humans

Essay 143  Job 14:13-17, Timeout, Please! 

Essay 144  Job 14:13-14, A More Granular Look

Essay 145  Job 14:14b-15, The "Sabbatical" in Sheol

Essay 146  Interpreting Job 14:16-17

Essay 147  Job 14:18-22, But Not For Me 

Essay 148  Job 14:20-22, Life Without Hope

Essay 149  Finishing Job 14

Essay 150  Job 15, Eliphaz II, An Introduction 

Essay 151   Job 15:1-6, You Convict Yourself By Your Words, Job

Essay 152  Job 15:7-16, You Aren't So Special, Job (Overview)

Essay 153  Job 15:7-16, You Aren't So Special, Job, Essay One 

Essay 154  Job 15:10-16, You Aren't So Special Job, Essay Two

Essay 155  Job 15:14-16, You Aren't So Special Job, Essay Three

Essay 156  Job 15:17-35, Judgment Time

Essay 157  Job 15:20-35, Eliphaz's Judgment Oracle, Essay One 

Essay 158  Job 15:20-24, Eliphaz's Judgment Oracle, Essay Two 

Essay 159  Job 15:20-35, Eliphaz's Judgment Oracle, Essay Three 

Essay 160  Job 15:29-35, Focusing On The Wicked 

Essay 161,  Job 15:31-35, Finishing the Oracle of Judgment 

Essay 162  Job 16-17, Job Speaks Again, Introduction 

Essay 163  Job 16:1-5, You are the Ones Speaking Windy Words!

Essay 164  Job 16:6-17, God's Savage Attack on Job, Getting Started

Essay 165  Job 16:9-14, God's Attack on Job, Starting with Job 16:9

Essay 166  Job 16:10-14, The Attack Continues

Essay 167  Job 16:12-14, Returning to God's Attack on Job

Essay 168  Job 16:13-14, The Relentless Divine Attack on Job Continues

Essay 169  Job 16:14-17, The Attack Concludes

Essay 170  Job 16:18-22, Job's Witness in Heaven:  introduction

Essay 171   Job 16:18-22, Job's Witness in Heaven, More Specifically 

Essay 172  Concluding wth Job 16:21-22

Essay 173  Job 17, An Introduction and 17:1

Essay 174  Job 17:2-4, A Journey into Confusion

Essay 175  Job 17:5-7, A Proverb and More Exhaustion 

Essay 176  Job 17:8-10, Continuing in His Sadness

Essay 177  Job 17:11, Hopelessness Redux

Essay 178  Job 17:12-16, Finishing Up

Essay 179  Job 18: Bildad II: First, A View of the Whole

Essay 180  Job 18:1-4, Bildad's Opening Gambit

Essay 181   Job 18:5-10, Bildad's Understanding of Judgment I

Essay 182  Job 18:7, A General Condemnation

Essay 183  Job 18:8-10, Multiple Kinds of Snares

Essay 184  Job 18:11-21, Five More Ways that the Wicked Will Be Judged

Essay 185  Job 18:13-14, Terrors Six and Seven

Essay 186  Job 18:16-21, Finishing On the Judgments

Essay 187  Job 19:  My Redeemer Lives! Introduction

Essay 188  Job 19:1-6, Repeated Humiliation at the Hands of Friends 

Essay 189  Job 19:4

Essay 190  Job 19:5-6

Essay 191  Job 19:7-12, How God is Responsible for Job's Misery, Introduction 

Essay 192  Job 19:8-12, God's Attack on Job, Essay One

Essay 193  Job 19:8-12, God's Attack on Job, Essay Two

Essay 194  Job 19:13-22, So Repulsive!

Essay 195  Job 19:13-15, Repulsive to Those Far and Near

Essay 196  Job 19:16-20, Repulsive to Those Low and High

Essay 197  Job 19:21-22, Have Mercy on Me, a Repulsive Person

Essay 198  Job 19:23-29, Job's Appeal for a Redeemer

Essay 199  Job 19:23-24, Making the Words Permanent

Essay 200 Job 19:25-27, I Know My Redeemer Lives

Essay 201  Job 19:26, Point Three 

Essay 202 Job 19:27

Essay 203  Job 19:28-29, An Anticlimactic Conclusion 

Essay 204  Job 20, Zophar's Second Speech, Introduction

Essay 205  Job 20:1-3, Zophar's Introductory Words

Essay 206  Job 20:4-11, Judgment, Part I, Essay I

Essay 207  Job 20:4-11, Judgment, Part I, Essay II

Essay 208  Job 20:12-14, Poison in the Mouth and Stomach, Essay I

Essay 209  Job 20:15-17, Poison in the Mputh and Stomach, Essay II 

Essay 210  Job 20:18-23, More Bleak Days Ahead for the Wicked

Essay 211  Job 20:21-23, A Few More Words on Judgment

Essay 212  Job 20:24-29, Final Words of Judgment

Essay 213  Job 21, Job Speaks, Beginning the Third Cycle of Speeches, Introduction 

Essay 214  Job 21:1-6, Introductory Words

Essay 215  Job 21:7-13, The Prosperity of the Wicked 

Essay 216  Job 21:10-13, Continuing With the Good Life of the Wicked

Essay 217  Job 21:14-21, The Arrogance of the Wicked 

Essay 218  Job 21:16, An Unclear Verse 

Essay 219  Job 21:17-21, Finishing Up On the Wicked's Arrogance

Essay 220 Job 21:22-26, Giving Nuance to the Idea of Judgment 

Essay 221  Job 21:27-34, No Judgment for the Wicked 

Essay 222  Job 21:29-34, Finishing the Chapter 

Essay 223  Job 22, Eliphaz's Third Speech; Introduction 

Essay 224  Job 22:1-5, Introduction 

Essay 225  Job 22:6-11, Job's Moral Lapses

Essay 226  Job 22:12-20, God is Truly in Charge

Essay 227  Job 22:15-20, Finishing Eliphaz's Words on God's Being Truly in Charge

Essay 228  Job 22:21-30, One Last Chance to Repent

Essay 229  Job 22:24-30, The Rest of Eliphaz's Words 

Essay 230  Job 23-24, Pursuing Job's Case Yet Further

Essay 231  Job23:1-7, Confidence in Laying Out His Case Before God

Essay 232  Job 23:5-7, Continuing with His Case

Essay 233  Job 23:8-12, Looking for God--In All the Right Places 

Essay 234  Job 23:13-17, The Return of Job's Feeling of Terror

Essay 235  Job 23:15-17, Facing the Terror

Essay 236  Job 24: Introduction and Job 24:1

Essay 237  Job 24:2-4, The Conduct of the Wicked

Essay 238  Job 24:5-12, The Life of the Poor

Essay 239  Job 24:7-9, The Vulnerability of the Poor

Essay 240 Job 24:10-12, Finishing This Section

Essay 241  Job 24:13-17, Doing Deeds in Darkness

Essay 242 Job 24:18-25, Judgment on the Wicked, Introduction

Essay 243 Job 24:18-25, Judgment on the Wicked, Continuing

Essay 244  Job 24:21-25, Fading Further

Essay 245  Job 25, Bildad's Third Speech, Introduction 

Essay 246  Understanding Job 25:2-6

Essay 247  Job 25:4-6, Bildad's Imitative Eloquence

Essay 248  Job 25:6, Finishing Bildad's Thoughts

Essay 249  Job 26, Job Responds, Introduction

Essay 250  Job 26:2-4, Job's Cynicism

Essay 251  Job 26:5-14, God's Unsearchable Majesty

Essay 252  Job 26:6-7, Now That We Have Started

Essay 253  Job 26:8-10, Continuing Job's Creation Story

Essay 254  Job 26:11, Understanding God's Angry Work

Essay 255  Job 26:12-14, Finishing Up God's Angry Work

Essay 256  Job 27, Introduction

Essay 257  Job 27:1-6, Swearing on His Innocence

Essay 258  Job 27:7-10, The Curse on the Enemy

Essay 259  Job 27:11-12 Fighting for the Microphone 

Essay 260  Job 27:13-23, God's Judgment on the Wicked, Introduction 

Essay 261  Job 27:13-23, Zophar’s Third Speech, First Essay

Essay 262  Continuing with Zophar’s Judgment Speech, Second Essay

Essay 263  Concluding Zophar’s Judgment Speech, Third Essay

Essay 264  Job 28:  An Interlude on Wisdom: Introduction

Essay 265  Job 28:1-11, The Diligent Search for Precious Metals

Essay 266  Job 28:2-3, Extracting Precious Metals

Essay 267  Job 28:4, Remote Locations

Essay 268  Job 28:5-11, A Miscellany on the Remote Mine and Its Inaccessibility, Essay One

Essay 269  Job 28:5-11, A Miscellany on the Remote Mine and its Inaccessibility, Essay Two

Essay 270  Job 28:12-19, But Where is Wisdom?

Essay 271   Interpreting Job 28:12-13

Essay 272  Job 28:14-19, Wisdom’s Unknown Location and Incomparable Value, Essay One

Essay 273  Job 28:14-19, Wisdom’s Unknown Location and Incomparable Value, Essay Two

Essay 274  Job 28:20-28,  God Knows the Way to Wisdom

Essay 275  Job 28:23-26, Where Does Wisdom Reside?  Essay One

Essay 276  Job 28:23-26, Where Does Wisdom Reside?  Essay Two

Essay 277  Job 28:27-28, Finishing on Wisdom

Essay 278  Job 29-31, Job’s Concluding Speech:  Introduction

Essay 279  Job 29:1-6, The Overwhelming Power of Wistful Longing

Essay 280  Job 29:4-7, Job’s Unforgettably Wonderful Past Days

Essay 281  Job 29:7-10,  Job’s Respect in the Community

Essay 282  Job 29:11-17, Administering Justice

Essay 283  Job 29:13-15, More Judgments of Job 

Essay 284  Job 29:16-17, Continuing on Job’s Judgments

Essay 285  Job 29:18-20, When All Was Going Well. . .

Essay 286  Job 29:21-25  Celebrating the Honor Received from Rapt Listeners

Essay 287  Job 29:24-25, Finishing the Chapter on a Confusing Note

Essay 288  Job 29:25

Essay 289  Job 30, Back to the Present

Essay 290  Job 30:1-8, Job's Attack on the Mockers

Essay 291  Job 30:3, Continuing a (Vague) Attack on the Mockers

Essay 292  Job 30:4, The Attack Continues 

Essay 293  Job 30:5-8, Even More on the Mockers

Essay 294  Job 30:6, Continuing to Flail Away at the Mockers

Essay 295  Job 30:7, More Fun at the Mockers' Expense

Essay 296  Job 30:9-15, Back to the Present

Essay 297  Job 30:10-11, Encountering Some Difficulty

Essay 298  Job 30:12, Continuing in the Literary Darkness

Essay 299  Job 30:13-15, Job's Calamity Continues

Essay 300  Job 30:14-16, Not Done Yet

Essay 301  Job 30:16-23, Job’s Psychic and Physical Pain

Essay 302  Job 30:17-19, More Anguish

Essay 303  Job 17:20-21, Returning to Familiar Ground

Essay 304   Job 30:22-23, Job’s Riding on the Wind and Hopeless End

Essay 305  Job 30:24-31, Utter Desolation

Essay 306  Job 30:26-28, Reversal

Essay 307  Job 30:29-31, Continuing His Description of His Personal Misery

Essay 308  Job 30:29-31, Finishing His Description of Personal Misery

Essay 309   Job 31: Job’s Multi-form Oath and (Finally) Filing His Complaint

Essay 310  Job 31:1-4, No Escape from God’s Searching Eyes

Essay 311  Job 31:5-8 First and Second Oaths:  On Deceit and Leaving the Path

Essay 312  Job 31:7-8, Second Oath, On Leaving the Path

Essay 313   Job 31:12, Third Oath, On Adultery

Essay 314  Job 31:11-12, Further Thoughts on The Crime of Adultery

Essay 315  Job 31:13-15, Oath Four, On Not Despising His Servants

Essay 316  Job 31:16-23, Oaths Five-Seven: Denying, Ignoring or Attacking Vulnerable People

Essay 317   Job 31:18-20, Job’s Treatment of the Vulnerable (Continuing)

Essay 318   Job 31:21-23, Job’s Treatment of the Vulnerable (Conclusion)

Essay 319  Job 31:24-28, Job’s Attitude towards Riches and Other Gods

Essay 320  Job 31:26-28, The Oath about Other Gods

Essay 321  Job 31:29-34, On Not Rejoicing Over the Enemy, Showing Hospitality. . .

Essay 322  More “If’s”

Essay 323  Job 31:32-34, On Hospitality and Forthrightness

Essay 324   Job 31:35-37, Signing the Complaint

Essay 325  Job 31:38-40, One Last Thought, With a Focus on Thorns and Thistles

Essay 326  Job 32-37 Enter Elihu

Essay 327  Job 32:1-5, Introducing Elihu

Essay 328   Job 32:6-10, Elihu Speaks:  Caution at First, Then Throwing Off Restraints

Essay 329   Job 32:7-10, A New Theory of Knowledge 

Essay 330   Job 32:11-15, The Hopelessness of the Friends

Essay 331   Job 32:13-15, The Friends’ Ineffectiveness

Essay 332   Job 32:16-22, And Now…the Wind Up

Essay 333   Job 32:18-22, And the Pitch??

Essay 334  Job 33  Elihu Continues

Essay 335   Job 33:3-7 Elihu Speaks. . .and Speaks

Essay 336  Job 33:8-11, Elihu’s Statement of Job’s Case

Essay 337  Job 33:9-11,  Job’s “Case,” According to Elihu

Essay 338   Job 33:12-18, God Speaks Through Dreams

Essay 339  Job 33:14-18, The First Way God Speaks To Humans, Essay One

Essay 340  Job 33:12-18, The First Way God Speaks To Humans, Essay Two

Essay 341  Job 33:19-28, God Speaks Through Pain

Essay 342  Job 33:19-22, God’s Second Method of Communicating with People

Essay 343  Job 33:23-25, The Interpreter and the Promise of Restoration from the Bed of Pain

Essay 344  Job 33:26-28, The Prayer and Restoration of the Sufferer

Essay 345  Job 33:29-33, Listen Up, Job!  I’m Just Getting Started

Essay 346  Job 33:31-33, Finishing the Speech 

Essay 347  Job 34, Elihu’s Second Speech

Essay 348  Job 34:1-9, Characterization and Condemnation of Job’s Words

Essay 349  Job 34:5-9, Summarizing Job’s Case Again

Essay 350  Job 34:10-15, God Doesn’t Act Unjustly

Essay 351  Job 34:12-15, Continuing the Thought

Essay 352  Job 34:16-28, Addressing Job:  It’s Inconceivable That God Should Be Unjust

Essay 353  Job 34:20, The Suddenness of Divine Judgment

Essay 354  Job 34:21-24, The Extent of Divine Judgment

Essay 355  Job 34:25-28, The Extent of and Reason for the Divine Judgment 

Essay 356  Job 34:29-33, Descending Into Obscurity

Essay 357  Job 34:34-37, Finishing Elihu’s Second Speech

Essay 358   Job 35, Elihu’s Third Speech

Essay 359  Job 35:1-8, Job’s Continuing Futility

Essay 360  Job 35:9-16, Job’s Empty Words, Introduction

Essay 361   Job 35:9-11, Job’s Empty Words, First Essay

Essay 362   Job 35:12-16, Job’s Empty Words, Second Essay

Essay 363  Finishing Job 35

Essay 364  Job 36-37, Breakthrough!  Introduction

Essay 365   Job 36:1-21, Breakthrough!  Speaking Truth to Job

Essay 366  Job 36:5-12,  God and The Kings (A Lesson that Will Then Be Applied To Job)

Essay 367  Job 36:8-12, The Story of the Kings

Essay 368  Job 36:13-14, A Word on the Godless

Essay 369   Job 36:15-21, Interpreting Job’s Distress

Essay 370  Job 36:16, The Key, Essay One

Essay 371  Job 36:17, The Key, Essay Two

Essay 372  Job 36:18-21, Meaninglessness, An Introduction

Essay 373  Job 36:22-33, The Greatness of God

Essay 374  Job 36:22-26, God’s Greatness

Essay 375   Job 36:27-30, God’s Work in the Rains and Thunder

Essay 376   Job 36:29-30, From Rains to the Thunder and Lightning

Essay 377   Job 36:31-33, Conclusion

Essay 378  Job 37:1-13, My Heart Trembles at God’s Greatness

Essay 379  Job 37:6-8, The Snow and The Rain

Essay 380  Job 37:9-13, Here Come the Winds and the Ice

Essay 381  Job 37:14-24, Elihu’s Last Words:  Job is Ignorant

Essay 382  Job 37:17-20, One More Question from Elihu and then Darkness

Essay 383  Job 37:19-20, Descending into Obscurity Again

Essay 384  Job 37:21-24, Elihu’s Final Words

Essay 385  Job 38-41, God Speaks, An Introduction

Essay 386  An Insight into the Divine Strategy In Job 38-41

Essay 387  The Structure of Job 38-39

Essay 388   Job 38:1-3, God Enters

Essay 389  Job 38:4-11, A Barrage of Questions

Essay 390  Job 38:12-15, Job’s Authority in Cosmological Matters

Essay 391   Job 38:16-18, Job’s Authority Under the Earth

Essay 392   Job 38:19-21, The Ways to Light and Darkness

Essay 393  Job 38:22-24, The Snow and the Hail

Essay 394  Job 38:25-27, The Rainstorm and Lightning

Essay 395  Job 38:28-30, Rain and Dew and Other Things

Essay 396  Job 38:31-33, The Constellations

Essay 397  Job 38:34-38, More Meteorological Phenomena

Essay 398  Job 38:39-39:30, Seven Strophes on the Beasts

Essay 399   Job 39:1-4, The Mountain Goat (Ibex)

Essay 400  Job 39:5-8, The Wild Ass/Onager

Essay 401  Job 39:9-12, The Wild Ox

Essay 402  Job 39:13-18, The Ostrich

Essay 403  Job 39:19-25, The War Horse

Essay 404  Job 39:26-30, The Hawk and the Eagle

Essay 405   Job 40:1-2, God’s Question

Essay 406  Job 40:3-5, Job Responds

Essay 407  Job 40:6-14, God’s Invitation to Job to Take Over Management of the World

Essay 408  Job 40:15-24, Behold, Behemoth!

Essay 409  Job 40:19-24, Finishing the Description of Behemoth

Essay 410  Job 41:1-34 (English)/Job 40:25-41:26 (Hebrew)

Essay 411   Job 41 Meeting Leviathan

Essay 412  Job 41:6-11, More Divine Questions Posed to Job

Essay 413  Job 41:12-25, Describing Leviathan

Essay 414  Continuing the Description of Leviathan

Essay 415  Concluding the Description of Leviathan

Essay 416  Job 41:26-34, Leviathan the Terrifying

Essay 417  Continuing on the Terrifying Leviathan 

Essay 418  Job 42:1-6, Job’s Final Words

Essay 419  Job 42:6,  Job’s Final Verse

Essay 420  Job 42:7-9, God’s Big Holy Sh. . . Moment

Essay 421  Job 42:7-9, God’s First Two Responses To Job

Essay 422   Job 42:10-17, Restoring Job’s Fortunes

Essay 423  Conclusion:  So Why is the Book of Job Actually in the Bible?

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