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                 Biblical Hebrew Words 
                 William R Long, M Div, Ph D, J D


Most textbooks introducing Biblical Hebrew try to cover a lot of ground in a few hundred pages. The student needs to become familiar with a strange-looking alphabet and vocabulary; a text that reads from right to left; a verb that seems to have more complexities than the human brain; vowels that change based on the function of the word; and texts that often are obscure and even opaque.  And if that isn't hard enough, the grammar can be complex. Is it any wonder that almost all Christians that take up the study of Biblical Hebrew and an alarming number of Jews give it up after a year or less of study?


My point is that teachers try to introduce too many things when beginning the study of the language. I hope to remedy that here by offering one aspect of mastery of Biblical Hebrew:  Hebrew words.  Of course, this isn't the entire language, but no first year course is. What it attempts to do, in the course of more than 100 essays, is to introduce you to the vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew in context. Once you have these words under your belt, it will be relatively easy to learn sentence structure and the Hebrew verb.  That is, after studying these essays, you will be well on your way to Biblical Hebrew mastery.


My method is as follows: Each essay introduces between 20 and 35 new Hebrew words, with special attention to a context where they appear in the Bible.  Learn them; read them where they appear. Use my method to look at other passages where the word appears, using the online Strong's numbering system. Reading a lesson a day, or five per week, will allow you to master almost all the simplicities and complexities of Biblical Hebrew in several months.  I only give the first 50 lessons of the "course" here. Let's begin.

Hebrew 1                                      Hebrew 2      Hebrew 2A                Hebrew 3

Hebrew 4                                     Hebrew 5                                         Hebrew 6 

Hebrew 7                                     Hebrew 8                                         Hebrew 9

Hebrew 10                                   Hebrew 11                                         Hebrew 12

Hebrew 13                                   Hebrew 14                                        Hebrew 15

Hebrew 16                                   Hebrew 17                                        Hebrew 18

Hebrew 19                                   Hebrew 20                                       Hebrew 21

Hebrew 22                                  Hebrew 23                                       Hebrew 24

Hebrew 25                                  Hebrew 26                                       Hebrew 27

Hebrew 28                                  Hebrew 29                                       Hebrew 30 

Hebrew 31                                   Hebrew 32                                       Hebrew 33

Hebrew 34                                  Hebrew 35                                       Hebrew 36

Hebrew 37                                  Hebrew 38                                       Hebrew 39

Hebrew 40                                  Hebrew 41                                        Hebrew 42

Hebrew 43                                   Hebrew 44                                      Hebrew 45 

Hebrew 46                                   Hebrew 47                                      Hebrew 48  

Hebrew 49                                   Hebrew 50

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