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                             Bible and Theology  
On this page are links to a number of my recent works on those subjects.  As of today (3/1/2020), the page is under construction, but the following is available to you now or soon.  
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1.  My recent book on the Book of Job is entitled When Leaving God is a Good Choice:  Re-reading the Book of Job (Inkwater, 2020).   I have posted two excerpts from that book on this page:  the Introduction and the Summary of This Book's Argument.  Clicking on the book's image will allow you to purchase it.  Thank you.
2. Though my book on the Book of Job is more than 300 pages, I began to see as I was writing it, that a far longer exposition of the Book of Job was required. Here is the link to the Table of Contents of 423 essays on the Book of Job, expositing every verse of the Hebrew text.  All 423 essay are available on this site.  The total length of the essays exceeds 470,000 words
3. Coming out in May 2020 will be my book entitled Stairway to Heaven:  The Psalms of Ascent (120-134) and the Spiritual Life (Inkwater, 2020).  For an excerpt of this book, click here.
4. I have a book on the Book of Jonah.  Entitled Something Fishy:  Re-reading the Book of Jonah, the book is expected out in late 2020.  For an excerpt of this book, click here.
5.  I have done extensive work on Psalm 119, the longest Psalm in the Bible.  It celebrates the glories of the Law of God. More that 50 essays on that Psalm will soon be on this page.
6.  Soon coming out also will be my exposition of Psalm 88.  Entitled Hello Darkness:  Reading Israel's Bleakest Psalm, the book explores the movement of grief, pain and depression as reflected in that Psalm.  An Excerpt from that book is here.
7.  Coming out in 2021 will be my Commentary on Genesis (about 300,000 words). Several of the individual essay will be posted on this site.
In the longer-term future will be two short books and perhaps other projects:
8.  Coming out in the future will be my short book on public philosophy entitled A Dozen Virtues for Successful Living 
9.  To appear in the future is my exposition of Genesis 1-11, entitled The Education of God: Exploring Genesis 1-11.  
10. My musings on what I am tentatively calling  A Theological Primer for the Millennial Generation shuold also be available in 2021.
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