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Welcome to Chinese Materials Page

1.  Chinese poetry is a vast sea of inviting material.  Here is my most recent book on it, with Eurydice Chen. Click on the book or the link to read an excerpt or purchase the book.


In this book, 25 Classic Chinese Love Poems:  Translated and Interpreted, we introduce you to the fascinating and complex world of ancient Chinese love poetry.  For more information on this book, CLICK HERE.

2.  Other Chinese Poetry.  Clicking on the name of an author or poetry collection will take you to a page containing many essays on classical Chinese poetry.  Poets commented on include The Classic of Poetry, Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu, Li Qingzhao, and many others. (Under Construction)

4. An Extensive Chinese-English Dictionary, Compiled by Dr Long (to be posted in 2021; if you are deeply conversant with the Chinese language and would like to help in this project, let me know. 
5. A recent PowerPoint presentation by Dr Long on 25 Classic Chinese Love Poems
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